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About encryption

Unitrends Encryption technology offers IT administrators a solution for regulatory and corporate requirements to protect their employer’s data from unauthorized access and theft. All data remains encrypted until a request is made to restore the data. If the correct passphrases are in place, recovery proceeds without administrator involvement.

The Unitrends solution offers and supports:

Encryption per client
Ability to change passphrases
Passphrase management tool to help administrators avoid losing passphrases
Replication of encrypted data
Archiving of encrypted data

Points to consider before turning on Encryption:

Encryption will degrade performance slightly for backups, replication, and restores. It should be done only if you really need to hide your data.
Make sure to keep the passphrase secure because if you forget the passphrase there is no way to recover it or restore any past backups.
In legacy vaulting systems, when you toggle encryption from on to off or vice versa, or when you change the passphrase, the next master backup for encrypted clients will have to replicate to the target system in whole - we cannot send only the changed blocks because toggling encryption and changing the key makes all the blocks look like they have changed. This is not the case in replicating systems since backups are decrypted before being scanned for changed blocks.
To enable software encryption, the system software license feature string must include ENC. Check the license feature string by navigating to Settings > System, Updates, and Licensing > License.
Once encryption has been enabled and configured for a client, that client’s subsequent backups are encrypted. Any backups stored on the system prior to configuring encryption remain unencrypted, as encryption is done during the backup process.

See the following topics for details: