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Balancing backup performance and retention

Unitrends systems are designed to use all available storage for protecting data (see Storage allocation and distribution). As scheduled or immediate backups are performed, the oldest backups are deleted to ingest new backups. See About retention control for details.

You can tune system storage to fit the backup window and retention objectives of your environment by selecting from the following options.



Balance retention and backup performance (recommended setting)

This is the recommended setting for managing the ingest rate and retention on the system. With this setting, a predictive mechanism is used to dynamically alter the size of the landing zone based on the backup strategies selected.

Minimize backup window

Use this setting where backup window requirements are critical. With this setting, a landing zone (reserve area) is created which is large enough to hold the data set that is being protected. This guarantees the fastest ingest rate. However, to meet the landing zone requirements, older backups are more aggressively deleted.

Maximize retention

Use this setting where retention is critical. The data protection ingest rate is slower. The landing zone is kept to a minimum to ensure maximum retention.