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Replication limitations

Note the following restrictions prior to configuring replication:

Automatic disaster recovery from vault and Granular restore from vault are not supported on the replication target system as replicated backups can be restored directly to clients or archive media.
Replication is not supported for legacy Exchange backups. Legacy Exchange backups are run by the Unitrends Windows 2000 agent to protect Exchange 2000 environments. For details, see Legacy Exchange agent. Replication of file-level backups for legacy Exchange clients is supported.
Restore of replicated Legacy SQL backups is supported during disaster recovery of the source system only. Restore of these backups is not supported outside of whole system disaster recovery.
Source systems can be configured for replication or legacy vaulting. A single source system cannot support both configurations. However, the replication target can receive both replicated and vaulted data from separate sources.