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Replication reports

If configured, replication generates a synchronization report which provides the details of each vaulting event. A report is generated and sent each day at the time specified during vaulting configuration. See To set replication attributes on the source system for details.

The report indicates the sync activity for the last 24-hour period. The Sync engine up for value indicates the amount of time the sync engine could connect to the vault. The report lists each client that syncs to the vault, and for each client, records and displays the backup number, backup type, time completed, status, effective speed, and bytes synced.

All backups listed in the backlog show the time of the backup. The vaulting operations in progress display backups with the time the vaulting operation started.

You can run on-demand vaulting reports in the Reports subsystem. These include the In-Flight Vaulting Deduplication Report, the Vault Capacity Report, and the Vaulting Report. See the Reports, Alerts, and Monitoring chapter for details.