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User-generated reports

You can create, save, run, print, and download reports through the Reports menu. These customizable reports provide information on system alerts, backups, replication or legacy vaulting, backup devices, schedules, and system capacity. You can determine what information populates each report by selecting report fields for inclusion. You can then save your customized settings to define new defaults, or you can use them to create custom reports that you can execute as needed. You can download user-generated reports and save them as comma-separated files or PDFs (releases 7.4 or higher).

To generate a report, select the Reports button in the main menu, and then from the Reports screen, click the icon for your desired report. Some reports, such as the Capacity report, display different information depending on what you select in the Navigation pane. For a list of reports that you can generate, see User-generated reports descriptions.

See the following topics for details about user-generated reports:

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