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Viewing replicated backups

You can view replicated backups from the target system using the Replication View feature. In replicating systems, the backups you see on the target system are governed by whether the Replication View has been selected. If not selected, the backups displayed are those stored on the source system. If Replication View is selected, the backups displayed are replicated backups stored on the target system.

Once a backup has been replicated, it is assigned a new ID on the target system. The backup ID of a replicated backup does not match that of its source-side backup counterpart.

To show replication view

1 Log in to the target system.
2 Select the Gear icon at the bottom of the Navigation pane.
3 Check the Show Replication View box.
4 Click Confirm. The view changes to show the replicated backups stored on the target system.
5 To be sure you are seeing replicated backups, check for the Replication View bar above the Navigation pane and Center Stage. If Replication View does not display, you are viewing regular backups on the source system. You can also look at details of any backup on the Status > Backup: Last 7 Days tab. Click a backup to view details. In replication view, you see Replicated True in the Backup Information.