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Windows Instant Recovery

Using Unitrends Bridge™, Windows instant recovery (WIR) provides a temporary solution for rapid recovery of a failed Windows client by enabling you to create a virtual replica of the client that can immediately assume the role of the original client in the event of a disaster. This replica is referred to as a virtual failover client (VFC). As backups are completed for the original client, they are restored to the VFC to ensure that it contains all of the original client’s data. In the event of a failure, the VFC can immediately assume the role of the original client.

The VFC can run on a Recovery Series appliance (backup system or replication target), ESX host (Unitrends release 7.4 or higher), or Hyper-V server (Unitrends release 8.0 or higher). It replaces the original client until you can perform a bare metal recovery to restore the original client to new physical hardware.

See the following topics for an explanation of how the feature works and instructions for using it:

Overview of Windows instant recovery
Steps for implementing Windows instant recovery
Requirements and considerations for Windows instant recovery
Running backups for clients protected with Windows instant recovery
Setting up a virtual failover client
Auditing a virtual failover client
Monitoring and managing virtual failover clients
Taking a virtual failover client live
Troubleshooting Windows instant recovery