Backup Administration and Procedures

These procedures provide instructions for creating and managing backup jobs and backup copy jobs. The procedures are run from the Jobs page of the Unitrends User Interface.

NOTE  Your Unitrends user account determines which procedures you can run. Procedures that you cannot run do not display or are disabled in the UI.

See the following topics for details:

  Preparing for backups and About creating backup and backup copy jobs to determine how you will implement your protection strategy.

  Creating backup jobs to create backup jobs manually.

  Creating backup copy jobs to create backup copy jobs manually.

  Creating SLA policies to create SLA policies. Creating an SLA policy automatically creates associated backup and backup copy jobs.

  Managing scheduled jobs to manage existing job schedules.

  Managing SLA policies to manage existing SLA policies.

  Managing active jobs to manage jobs that are currently running.

  Viewing recent jobs to view jobs that ran over the last 7 days.

  Viewing system jobs to view system-level jobs that ran over the last 7 days.

  Deleting backups and backup copies to delete backups and backup copies.

For information on generating reports on backups, backup copies, and SLA policies, see Reports.