Creating backup jobs

Use these procedures to manually create backup jobs.

These procedures assume that you have added to the appliance each asset you wish to protect. For details on adding assets, see these topics: Managing protected assets and Protecting SQL clusters and availability groups (provides instructions for adding assets to protect clustered SQL environments).

Unitrends also recommends that you review the following information to develop the best protection strategy for your environment: Preparing for backups and About creating backup and backup copy jobs.

See the following topics to create backup jobs:


   For Windows, Linux, VMware, Hyper-V, and AHV assets, you can create SLA policies instead of creating individual backups jobs. For details on how SLA policies work, see Methods for scheduling jobs.

  iSeries backup jobs are not created in the UI. The procedures in this topic do not apply to iSeries. To create an iSeries backup job, see iSeries Backups Overview and Procedures.