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About system updates

The updates interface provides a means for updating software on the system and for pushing agent updates to certain clients. This section describes system updates. For agent updates, see Push installing agent updates.

It is recommended that you run the latest Unitrends version on your backup system. When updates are available, you see an alert on the front Status page. Before updating the system, note the following requirements:

When using an on-premise backup system that replicates to an off-premise target, the off-premise target system must first be upgraded.
If an on-premise backup system is being remotely managed by another Unitrends system, the managing system must first be upgraded.
To install updates, the system must be running Linux CentOS Release 5 or CentOS Release 6.
If a restore is needed for a specific backup while a database migration is active, select the backup for migration to begin on the specific backup.
An active support contract is required to upgrade the system.
Updates to backup systems are compatible with older agent versions. Although it is recommended that you upgrade to the latest agent versions, the system will continue to function properly running older agents.
Do not upgrade a client’s agent software to a version newer than that of its backup system. Update the backup system prior to installing newer agents. The backup system version must be equal to, or newer than, that of its clients.
To update a physical appliance that cannot connect to the Internet, you can use an ISO image and follow the instructions in KB 2483.
If you are running a pre-6.0 version, contact Support for assistance in upgrading.
For more information about upgrading to the current version, see the Upgrade Guide for Recovery Series and Unitrends Backup - Legacy Interface.