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Navigating replicating systems

In replicating systems, you can view information from both the source and target systems. On either system, the tasks you can perform are based on the login credentials supplied. See About user configuration for details.

From the source system

From the source system you can access the following:

Backups stored on the source system itself
Active, pending, and completed replication tasks as described in Working with the replication dashboard
Completed replication tasks by viewing the Replication report (last 24-hours) or Replication History report (older history)

From the target system

Target systems can have multiple replicating sources. To restrict access by source system, there is a unique system user account on the target system for each source. The system source username and password are the hostname of the source system. For example, for a source whose hostname is CompanyBackup, log in as user CompanyBackup and password CompanyBackup.