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Replication features

Replication features include:

Total data recovery from a site disaster.
Replicated data stored as regular backups on the target system.
Hot/hot restore of backups directly from the target system.
Retention of older backups on the target system.
Multiple source systems can replicate to one target system.
Replication system can be used as a target for both replication and legacy vaulting operations.
Block-level deduplication of data – only changed blocks are transferred over the Internet.
Encrypted and secure connection between the source and target systems.
Private cloud or multi-tenant cloud deployment.
Data is encrypted using the target’s encryption key.
Configurable policies for replication, such as the ability to select specific clients, applications, and databases to replicate, and configurable bandwidth throttling between source and target systems, and the ability to prioritize data queued for replication to ensure that more critical systems are replicated first.
Detailed replication dashboard that displays active replication tasks, previously replicated tasks, and tasks in the queue for replication.
Source user account to access the target system and perform administration tasks specific to the given source system only. Target system view is filtered by source user to control access, especially important in environments where multiple systems are replicating to one target.
Windows Instant Recovery is supported on the replication target system. See Windows Instant Recovery for more information.