Grouping assets in custom folders

On the Protect page, you can create folders in the inventory tree to customize how protected assets are grouped and displayed in the UI. You can then assign users to groups so they can quickly locate the assets they need to work with. Once folders are created and the Show Groups option is selected on the Protect page, assets are presented in folder groups in these areas:

On the Protect page
In the Create Backup Jobs dialog
In the Create Backup Copy Jobs dialog

You can opt to view folder groups or hide them by clicking the Show Groups or Hide Groups icon on the Protect page. The selected view determines how the inventory tree displays on the page and dialogs listed above. When users hide groups, they can then see all assets on the appliance, even ones in groups to which they have not been assigned.

Note:   Folder groups do not display in the Backup Catalog or on reports.

The asset grouping feature is supported on appliances running version 9.0.0-13 or higher. Groups can be created or edited by Unitrends users that have administrator or superuser privileges only. The following assets can be grouped:

Agent-based assets, such as Windows or Linux servers
Hyper-V virtual hosts
VMware virtual hosts
AHV virtual hosts

See the following topics for details: