Backup copies

Backup copies are duplicates of your backups that are stored off-site. Unitrends recommends having a second copy of your backups in order to recover from a disaster. You can copy your backups to the following types of targets:

Unitrends Cloud
A secondary Unitrends appliance
Cloud storage (managed by Amazon, AWS, Google, or Rackspace)
Disks, NAS devices, and other media that can be stored off-site

To copy backups, you add the backup copy target to your Unitrends appliance, then create a job or SLA policy that defines which backups to copy and other options. Backups are then copied according to the settings you defined. Once the backup copy target is full, the appliance does one of the following:

If the Delete older backup data to free space option is selected in the backup copy job, removes older backup copies to make room for new ones.
If the Fail backup copy job and send alert option is selected in the backup copy job, fails the backup copy job without removing older copies or copying any new backups.

Depending on the type of target selected, the appliance creates either hot or cold backup copies. Hot backup copies reside on the Unitrends Cloud or on a secondary appliance. Cold backup copies reside on cloud storage managed by other various storage providers and on other backup copy media that can be stored offsite.

Backup copies support the same recovery operations as local backups. However, because recovering data from copies requires additional steps, local backups should be used whenever possible to meet low RTOs.

For instructions on creating and managing backup copy targets and jobs, see the following topics:

Backup copy targets for procedures used to configure and add backup copy targets to your Unitrends appliance.
Backup Administration and Procedures for procedures used to create and manage backup copy jobs.