Backup copy targets

Backup copy targets retain copies of your backups on storage external to the appliance. Backup copies provide another layer of protection for your data and should be used for longer-term retention and disaster recovery. Retention options vary by backup copy target, but all targets enable you to define settings for long-term retention.

Backup copy management and administration procedures vary by target type. Once you have added a backup copy target:

  See the applicable topic in Managing backup copy targets for details on working with the target you added.

  See Creating backup copy jobs to start copying backups to the target.


  The types of backup copy targets supported vary by Unitrends appliance model. For example, attached disk is not supported on Recovery Series, Recovery MAX, and ION/ION+ appliances.

  When adding backup copy targets to an appliance, only supported types display in the Configure > Appliances > Backup Copy Targets > Add Target list.

  To determine which backup copy targets are supported for your appliance, see Archiving Adapters in Unitrends Recovery Series and Recovery Series MAX or ION and ION+ Appliance Models, or Local Backup Copies in Unitrends Backup Editions.

Use these procedures to add backup copy targets to your Unitrends appliance: