Secure agent pairing for Windows and Linux agents

Beginning in Windows agent release 10.6.6 and Linux agent release 10.7.5, a secure pairing is automatically established between the appliance and the Windows or Linux agent on each of its protected assets. This pairing enables Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt data and authenticate connections between appliances and agents. Communication between appliances and agents is only allowed if there is a matching (paired) certificate. (For pairing requirements, see Windows agent requirements or Requirements for secure pairing of Unitrends Linux agents.)

The Configure > Protected Assets tab enables you to view the pairing status of each protected asset and to re-pair an asset to its appliance.

Re-pairing requires the asset to be in pairing mode. For Windows assets, you can use the Unitrends Agent Pairing Utility to enable pairing mode for a specified amount of time, known as the pairing window. For Linux assets, you will use instructions in the Unitrends Agent Pairing - Linux KB article to enable pairing mode.

See these topics for details on working with secure agent pairing: