Placing backups on hold

To create space for new backups, Unitrends appliances periodically purge older backups. You can control how long backups remain on the appliance by creating retention policies or by manually placing individual backups on hold. Backups that have been placed on hold cannot be purged until the hold has been removed manually. New backups fail if an appliance cannot purge older backups to create sufficient space.


   Holds applied to individual backups override the asset's retention policy. Once the backup is no longer on hold, it is eligible for deletion by the policy.

  To hold an asset's backups temporarily, you can use a long-term retention policy. The policy deletes a backup after the specified retention time period (30 days by default). For details, see Managing retention with long-term data management.

You can manually place backups on hold by using the Backup Browser or the Backup Catalog. The Backup Browser provides appliance-level search capability, advanced search options, and faster filtering performance. The Backup Catalog enables you to browse by asset only.

See these procedures to manually hold and unhold backups: