Managing scheduled jobs

Once you have created scheduled jobs, use these procedures to view, edit, enable, disable, and delete schedules or to run them on-demand:


  Do not directly edit or delete a job schedule that was created by an SLA policy. Instead, modify the SLA policy itself (see Managing SLA policies). The appliance automatically modifies the policy's schedules based on the changes that you make. On the Job Manager tab, SLA policy schedule names display with the prefix _SLA:, so you can easily distinguish them from manually created schedules.

  Deleted VMs and applications that had been protected in a schedule display as unavailable in the Edit Backup Job and Create Backup Copy Job dialogs. For details, see To remove a deleted VM or application from a backup schedule.

  iSeries schedules are managed by using the dpuconfig console interface. See iSeries Backups Overview and Procedures for details on working with iSeries schedules.