Preparing for instant recovery

Unitrends recommends planning for instant recovery before a VM fails. Following is a summary of the steps needed to set up instant recovery for your virtual machines. Steps include links to detailed instructions for each procedure.

Step 1: Ensure that all requirements have been met. For details, see Prerequisites for VMware instant recovery or Prerequisites for Hyper-V instant recovery.
Step 2: Run host-level backups of the VMs:
To create a job manually, see To create a VMware backup job or To create a Hyper-V backup job.
To create a job by using an SLA policy, see To create an SLA policy for VMware assets or To create an SLA policy for Hyper-V assets.
For a comparison of the manual and SLA policy job creation methods, see About creating backup and backup copy jobs.
Step 3: Reserve space on the appliance for instant recovery. For details, see Allocate storage for instant recovery.
Step 4: Add target virtual hosts to the Unitrends appliance as needed.

While running the IR procedure, you select a virtual host where the recovered VM will be created. You can recover to the host where the original VM resides or to a different location. If needed, add additional virtual hosts to the appliance to make them available for IR. For details, see Adding a virtual host.

Note:  For VMware, a vCenter is required. Add the ESXi hosts and the vCenter managing the hosts.

Step 5: Run IR in audit mode to check the recovered VMs. For details, see Perform instant recovery in audit mode.